Mooreland Garden Inn

Celebrating Halloween at the Mooreland Garden Inn

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Something Wicked Has Come to the Mooreland Garden Inn . . .


By the pricking of our thumbs! The purple porch has become the conjuring spot for a gaggle of unseen witches! Or perhaps these bewitching women have stepped inside and politely left their pointy hats to float hypnotically on the breeze.

Of course, the witch hats are Halloween decorations put up in anticipation of the 200 or so costumed Trick or Treaters we’ll be seeing this Sunday. We hope to have a few more spooks and scares around the yard to make their quest for candy an even truer test of their bravery. This is the home of the Webbs, after all. It wouldn’t be at all unusual to find, say, an animatronic arachnid of unusual size lurking somewhere in the garden…


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